EDP Wasp

wasp “Sie bieten auf

einen alten Synthesizer der Marke WASP, hergestellt 1978 von der Fa. EDP (Electronic Dream Plant) in Großbritannien. Es war der erste, kostengünstige Synthesizer. Die Experten werden ihn kennen. Allen anderen empfehle ich eine Recherche bei Wikipedia.

Dieses Exemplar wurde nur kurzfristig genutzt, da die Band, die ihn angeschafft hatte, sich kurz danach auflöste. Die letzten 35 Jahre hat dieses Gerät gut verpackt auf einem trockenen Dachboden verbracht und wurde erst vor kurzem “wiederentdeckt”.

Er ist optisch in einem guten Zustand. Die Funktion kann nicht geprüft werden.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

EDP Wasp with MIDI

wasp “EDP Wasp with very rare midi (via specialized Kenton). Works perfectly and looks fantastic with very minor wear on one touch key, which is way better than most! This thing is like a TB 303 on steroids PLUS some! I don’t have the power adapter, but it is common and easy to find. Also runs off batteries (no battery leak, also very good!) Please look at all the photos because I know how “look” is a subjective thing. Will take it to UPS store to be professionally packed, which I will charge as part of shipping (it’s just safer that way). Vintage analog synth, so sold “as-is,” but it is leaving 100% in working condition. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

EDP Wasp

“I’ve owned this Wasp for about 14 years- used it in many gigs and recordings for my bands elastica and klang. but for the last 4 or 5 years it hasn’t been used too much. it sounds great, even if its getting a little shabby cosmetically. the plastic case is cracked in a couple of places (see photos) and also 6 of the yellow button tops are missing (on the photo theyre in different places- thats because when i cleaned it and photographed it- i put them back in the wrong order- but when i played it i realised!!. )” Click here to visit listing on eBay