EDP Gnat Special

edp-gnat-special “Up for auction, a very rare Electronic Dream Plant (EDP) Gnat Special Synthesizer. This is synth is in unique and is capable of wonder vintage analog synth sounds. The synth is working, the oscillators can be very brilliant, raw, and deep with bass ranges. Combined with the juicy analog filter it’s synth heaven. The Enhance mode oscillator sounds particularly amazing, its the best sounding bass oscillator you’ll have at your disposal. Used in a professional sound design studio, smoke free.

Synth collectors take note, this item has an interesting history/provenance. I purchased it directly from one of the EDP founders Adrian Wagner (also a descendant relative of the composer Richard Wagner). He signed the bottom. This unit is a very early Gnat Special, there isn’t a serial number. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

EDP Gnat

edp “Sad to see this go , it works , it makes sound , the keyboard tracks , but be aware the knob s are all working but all are scratchy , it needs some love sounds are nursed out ,it works better on some days than others. But if you want weird sounds /killer bass /glitchy noise you will love it …otherwise get it serviced …these dont come up often ….no battery cover note enlarged power in , looks like its been melted /note keyboard tape peeling /look at the photos as they are part of the description” Click here to visit listing on eBay