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416 ” Yamaha TX416 Rack Mount FM synthesizer. This is a TX 816 rack with 4 modules. It has the legendary Yamaha FM synthesizer sounds that were used on so many hits in the 1980’s. Basically it is 4 DX7’s in a rack. From beautiful bells to Rhodes piano’s and Marimbas it has a unique sound and when layered it sounds fat and so musical. I used this on many hit records from Luther Vandross,Miles Davis, Roberta Flack, Chaka Kahn and many more. I am also throwing in the Beetle programmer that makes programming it a breeze. It was not working because I need a AC adapter for it-But if you buy this it will be worth looking into getting it as it makes programming a breeze. The 416 has been in The same rack for years just sitting there-Time to get somebody to use it. let this be known that the Beetle is a throw in-You may need to pay to get it fixed. I haven’t used it in 20 years. If you bid on that just let that be known upfront” Link

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“Back in the early 1980s there was an adventurous startup in the Los Angeles area by the name of Beetle Inc., founded by a couple of very smart electrical engineers who were making advanced computerized musical equipment. That is, until Yamaha forced them out of business with threats of lawsuits. But not before they managed to get a small number of unique products into the marketplace, including the PR-7 programming module. This device connects to the Yamaha TX-7 FM synthesis module via two midi cables and controls it with exactly the same functionality as the control panel of the Yamaha DX-7. Excellent condition.” Link

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“Up for auction here is a Beetle PR-7 controller. This is a third party controller designed to operate like the front panel of a Yamaha DX7 FM synthesizer for the purpose of programming and editing patches in a Yamaha TX816 FM synth rack (it would work with any number of modules, e.g. TX216, TX416, etc.). It will work with, and without additional memory cartridges (if no cartridge is inserted, it will edit the internal memory of a TX816. Please see my separate auctions for a Yamaha TX816 rach, and a lot of three Symphony 128 DX7 cartridges. This auction is ONLY for the Beetle PR-7 controller, wall-wart power supply, and PR-7 manuals. I’m sorry I forgot to get a separate picture of the power supply, but it’s also in great condition.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.