Akai ASQ10

asq_10 “For sale is my Akai ASQ10 hardware MIDI sequencer by which was designed by Roger Linn. This sequencer is part of the Akai MPC family. This is actually the exact same sequencer of the MPC60 and is, in my opinion the best hardware MIDI sequencer ever build.

I am the original owner. I bought it in 1988 from a music store/studio I was working at as a young teenager. This device was the central core of my musical life from 1988 to 2004 and responsible for thousands of hours of enjoyment and songwriting inspiration. I sort of fell out of music in 2005 for a while, sold a lot of equipment, but could never let go of this sequencer. It is so fun and easy to use.

This unit has spent the majority of it’s life in my smoke free home studio. I always kept a dust cover over it when not in use. It is in great condition, only some discoloring of the front panel around the frequently used data wheel transport buttons. Also, the back lighting of the LCD display is out. The LCD display works, it just needs new back lighting to be brighter. As I write this description there is a listing on Ebay for a replacement for $31. To confirm, the LCD works and displays all data, it’s just darker because of the back lighting being out. See picture to see LCD display.

The ASQ10 is a tank! Literally, this is the most well built device I have ever owned. Akai really knew how to make durable and beefy devices. Look at the picture of the side shot of the device – you will see that the top panel is a think piece of steel. The buttons and data knob still feel as solid as they did when I first got it. But it is heavy due to that solid construction, so be aware of that for shipping.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Akai ASQ-10

asq10 “Akai’s Vintage desktop sequencer and it is amazing! Up to 99 sequences, 99 tracks, 60,000-note capacity, 3.5″ built-in disk drive and sophisticated real-time or step recording and programming. Overdubbing, punch in/out, track soloing and a big LCD data screen. Extensive edit-ability, recording features and MIDI implementation make the ASQ10 one of the best stand-alone MIDI sequencers around.” Click here to visit listing on eBay