# Casio SK-5

Casio, SK-5 @ 27 October 2009

casiosk5 “Hey, I’m selling a fully functional Casio SK-5 sampling Keyboard in very good condition. This keyboard features Pulse Code Modulation and allows you to sample 4 samples at 0.7 seconds or 2 samples at 1.4 seconds. It includes 4 sample pads and 4 trigger pads. All of the keys on the keyboard are functional as well as all the sample pads, triggers, microphone, etc. I am not including batteries. The battery compartment is not corroded at all. It’s effects include sample looping and reversal as well as 6 envelopes. Lately these keyboards have been very popular for circuit bending and rightfully so. This keyboard is Not circuit bent.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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