# Casio SK-5

Casio, SK-5 @ 25 January 2011

We have here the big brother of the legendary Casio SK-1 … the SK-5!

Similar in size and appearance, but quite different once ya start playing it.

The SK5 actually stores the samples! Even when turned off. A very nice feature.

You’ve also got the sample pads, great for playing rhythmic loops and percussion!

Also, you can reverse the samples! This is super fun, and very useful.

Chances are, if you’re looking at this here auction, you already know all this. There’s a ton of info on the ‘net about these awesome little keyboards. You can find all sorts of mods and circuit bending diagrams, even inexpensive MIDI kits!

This particular SK is in VERY GOOD condition. Looks cool and works well.

*It’s got one and a half issues: Two keys appear to be non-working (4 & 5, indicated with red marks in the photo… these marks are only in the photo, not on the keys) … the keys play fine, but no sound is triggered… i gotta think this is an easy fix. Especially since the other keys are fine! The ‘half’ issue is that the battery cover has gone missing, quite common.

I always thought these were just a minor annoyance. And as I had intended to circuit bend (never got around to it tho’) this SK, it never bothered me.

Other than that, everything is fully functional” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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