Casio FZ-1

“Here is a vintage CASIO FZ1 Sampler.
It is a 16 bit sampler, with 9kHz-36kHz sample rate and 1 MB RAM, giving a unique grungey sound to sampled sounds. It has a very versatile and powerful synthesis engine (e.g. sampled/hand-drawn/pre-set waveforms, sine synthesis) using Analogue filters which sound amazing.

Have tested it and it is working great.
The display backlight is working (although the viewing angle for the original LCD display isn’t that great).
All buttons and sliders work as they should.
Keyboard works great (has aftertouch as well as velocity).
Line output and input sounding good.
The only thing presumed not working is the floppy drive – this was ok a few months ago when I last tried it but it now gives a disk error so looks like it has finally expired after 30+ years. Most people replace the floppy drive with a Gotek USB Floppy Emulator, so that is left as an improvement for the new owner to make.

Condition-wise everything looks good although there are some marks and scratches to the case. I carefully unscrewed the main case for an internal inspection and the inside all looks intact, original and surprisingly clean (see photo). There is a small amount of corrosion on the back of the metal case around the vents. Two of the plastic screw mounts which hold the right side of case to the body together are broken – so this part of the case is slightly loose (not noticeable though in use, it has been like that all the time I’ve owned it).

Comes with the original manual – there is a small slit in the cover and the spine has perished but all pages are present and intact. Also includes mains power lead and a few sample library disks. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay