# Casio CZ-5000

Casio, CZ-5000 @ 31 March 2015

cz5000“Casio CZ-5000
Classic Phase Distortion Synth with 8-track sequencer


– All sliders, buttons, and mod-wheels work.

– MIDI tested and working.

– The left channel on the headphone output is intermittent.

– Mod On/Off Button above Mod-wheel is a little hard to engage, though it does consistantly work.

– Volume and Chorus sliders are a little dirty sounding when moving.

– Outputs do have some hiss to them, though no worse than other synths of this period I’ve used.

– This unit had batteries left inside and they leaked. The inside of the unit has been cleaned to remove as much of the corrosion as possible, but the synth cannot be powered by batteries anymore, only the IEC Power cable. The battery leakage did not damage any circuit boards.

– Battery cover is missing.

– Overall, this unit does show wear to the outer case, see pictures for more details.

– I don’t have a cartridge to test that functionality.

– Sustain and Foot Volume have not been tested.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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