# Casio CZ-5000

Casio, CZ-5000 @ 20 March 2012

“This keyboard looks and sounds great! it has that old school fat analog sounds you love! All keys are in good working condition, two of the keys (C2 and G2) were broken and repaired (please see pics) with an overlay over the broken keys and it plays fine but you might want to replace the 2 keys at some point.

All buttons and wheels are present except for the volume and stereo chorus knobs which are missing,

most buttons are working but they can be somewhat stubborn when you press them but a little added pressure usually will get the job done so you might want to get the contacts cleaned at some point.

I pretty much could access each section except for the sequencer section and I wonder if it’s because you might need to have a memory storage device in place to activate it but I’m honestly not sure. The battery door cover is missing and cosmetically the unit does have some scuffs and scratches that one would expect over time for a unit it’s age but overall it looks great! The LCD, Mod and pitch wheels work and the unit sounds FANTASTIC! This auction includes the power cord, I’ve stated all known issues to the best of my ability, still with that said I think it’s a great keyboard and here’s your chance to get it at a great price! with a little TLC you’ll have yourself a true classic! This keyboard is being sold “AS IS”” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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