ARP Solus

“This synth sounds amazing! Much better than the Korg Odyssey reissue, I compared them a/b, the reissue is great, but there is something in the tone of the original that is richer and more alive. I’ve used this synth for a ton of recordings, and it sounds amazing, rock solid tuning, keybed feels great, just a great piece of gear. Only selling because I bought some more expensive vintage gear. Light and easy to transport, comes with top cover plate for easy gigging. The sliders on this can be a little stiff, with minor scratchiness but really minor for a bit of gear this old, great condition. Only small issue is the pwm mod amount slider on one oscillator has the top of the slider broken off, but you can use a key or other small bit of metal to move it to your desired amount, I used it fine like this for all sorts of studio purposes, and if you’re gigging with it, just tie a spare key to the power cord so it’s always there for adjusting that one parameter.” Click here to search for synths on eBay