ARP Solina

arpsolina “In the early 1990s we went to an auction of a music store that closed. We bought this Eminent Solina String Ensemble, which seems to be new, although perhaps used as a demo. The only reason I say this is that the foot pedal is a bit dusty and the front part of the music stand (which keeps the music from sliding off) had become loose on the left side. We glued it back in place, but where it had rested on the top for all these years, it left a residue, which I am afraid to try to clean off. Please see the pictures.

The rest of the keyboard is in wonderful shape, the warranty has never been filled out, the instructions are included, and the glass music stand has never been removed from the carrying case.

It is set for USA voltage, 115V. Model STRING-ENS. The series is blank. No. 227044. Manufactured by Eminent Electronics, Bodegraven, Holland.

We have never removed it from the case until now. We have tested it, and it works perfectly as far as we can tell. All keys and buttons work. The carrying case is in excellent, although not absolutely perfect, condition.”
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