ARP Solina

“Up for auction is an ARP Solina String Ensemble Series 35 Serial number 0097710 Manufactured by B.V. Eminent, Bodegravan Holland. This I believe to be the original version as noted by Wikipedia. I am the second owner of this ARP. It has had little if any use over the past 40 years.


1. When I obtained it, the previous owner had painted it white. I tried to remove as much of the paint possible. . The white flakes are remnants of the white paint.

2. The instrument as can be seen in the photos show the case to be in severe disrepair with cracks in the frame which were glued, and damage to the side board and bottom corner.

3. The push button switches are noisy and need to be cleaned (cello switch especially has intermittent contact).

Despite the appearance of the instrument case, the sound that made it famous is still fully functional. I have uploaded a demonstration of its functionality. Remember looks are deceiving.

This is a wonderful addition to anyone’s studio for that true ARP Solina “analog” sound” Click here to visit listing on eBay