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ARP Solina

“Vintage Arp String Ensemble (Solina) – The classic orchestra string sound of the 70s and early 80s. Used on hundreds of recordings by musicians around the world from rock, pop, country, disco, to jazz. This ARP was stored in a dry environment in plastic. Every key sounds fine with no hesitation or crackle. All voicing push buttons work freely with appropriate sound. On/off switch no problem. Power on light does not light. Pitch control works fine.

Slider controls left to right: Bass volume slider works as it should. ‘Crescendo’ slider works as it should. ‘Sustain length’ slider slides, but has no effect – this means when key is released sound stops with no sustain. Volume control slider works fine but knob has broken off – there is enough stub left to control the volume with your finger. *Note* The knob is included and could be glued on. I used a volume pedal (output to pedal to mixer) so I didn’t bother to glue the knob (included) back on.

Cosmetically this is a much loved road warrior and has a wonderful history. Original wood. The left end panel stays on but is loose – just needs some wood glue. Other than that, structurally it is very solid. Bottom corners are somewhat rounded and right side panel has a small chunk off the front. Bb3 has a hole and B3 is cracked, solidly glued (never a problem) and both keys work fine. There are no feet/glides on the bottom. One owner. Original owners manual is included.” Click here to search for synths on eBay