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ARP Solina

“ARP String-Ensemble Analog Keyboard Synthesizer by Solina. Manufactured by N.V. Eminent Bodegraven Holland. I bought this String Ensemble in 1978 I think, and used it in my band until around 1983. It has been in storage ever since. I don’t have an amp so I took the keyboard over to a friend’s house, plugged it in, and amazingly, all but three keys work fine. Two keys on the lower register and one on the high register don’t seem to sound. Two of the red plastic things on the sliders are missing. From being in a plywood case lined with foam over the years, some discoloration is there. I don’t recall portable stands being available back then, so I screwed on legs. You can see the holes from that left on the bottom. The plywood box and foam are shot and not included. I have had this unit professionally packaged by UPS. Included are the volume pedal and a 20-foot what I call a guitar cord. I think they’re called instrument cables now. If you’re looking to duplicate many of the hits of the 70s and early eighties, this is for you. Many hits back then used this keyboard sound. Modern day synthesizers can’t duplicate this sound exactly. Get the real thing.” Click here to visit listing on eBay