ARP Quadra

“For sale is a vintage and rare ARP QUADRA. Cosmetically it’s in very good shape. SEE PHOTOS I think it looks absolutely amazing. The graphics are crisp and very little signs of use all around. There are some areas where the black paint is missing/scratched off along the top back edge where the hinge is. The sides have signs of wear along the edges but are mostly along the back edge. PLEASE SEE PHOTOS FOR CONDITION AND PAINT ISSUES. Functionally there are no known issues with the unit, however I am not an expert. The unit powers on, all keys trigger properly, only the sliders in the Phase Shifter / Output Mixer section have been replaced and do not have the knobs/tops on them. All other sliders and panel switches also appear to work properly. The two sliders in the Porta-Mento section are missing knobs/tops. All the touch switches and LEDS function properly. I have played it out the MONO OUT 1/4″ jack sound output however I have not played it out the other outputs. + owner’s manual”
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