# ARP Quadra

ARP, Quadra @ 26 May 2010

“1978 ARP Quadra Vintage Analog Synthesizer

-In Very Good (VG+) cosmetic condition, fair working condition

-As used by Genesis, Rush, Kansas, Pink Floyd, The Human League, John Carpenter and many others!

-One of the rarest and most exclusive analog synths of the 70’s and 80’s!

-Recently Serviced at a cost of nearly $900 by a professional synth tech. Receipt/service notes will be included.

This is an ARP Quadra, one of the most elusive and rare analog synths produced. This unit is in fantastic shape

and was recently serviced in the last couple of years. Cosmetic condition is very good. Besides a few scratches and

small paint blemishes on the corners its about as nice as they come. Look below at the high resolution pictures,

I apologize for the glare; it gives the paint a distorted look in some pics. It looks much better in real life. This

unit was working fine until recently. It has not been played in a while. It powers on and produces sound but there

is presence of noise, similar to a ‘latch’ or ‘hold’ feature found synths. Its pretty overpowering and I cannot find

a way to get rid of it. If you disengage all the instrument parameters it goes away, but then the instrument is

silent. It also goes away if ADSR is also disengaged, but this too makes the synth produce no sound. The keys

play, but are quite faint. All the sliders seem to work. The membrane switches engage first time, every time- no

dead led’s. Something that plagues nearly all Quadra’s is a non-functional Phase Shifter.The phase shifter on this
one works great. The battery and patch memory are fine, easily switching between the saved sounds. I’m not exactly

sure to what extent the Quadra needs To be worked on. I figure that since all of the expensive servicing has been

done, it could be as simple of a matter as dust build up. I’m not quite sure, therefore it is being sold as-is. This item

can be picked up from our studio in Southern California by the lucky bidder. Otherwise, shipping will be $75. This is

truly a rare piece that cannot be missed out on- a true collectors dream!’ Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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