# ARP Quadra

ARP, Quadra @ 05 December 2012

” For your consideration is an Arp Quadra in 60% working condition (carefully read description).

First off the presets/programmable voice read write functions are weird and I am not even sure I fully understand how they work. In pretty decent cosmetic condition and on a scale of 1-10 I would probably give it a 6.5 but that is also conservative (see pics), I have seen much worse but looks pretty good for its age.

Here’s the breakdown per synth section, from left to right,
Bass section – intermittent but is not currently working
String section – works, including hallow waveform
Poly synth – intermittent but is not currently working
Phase shifter/output mixer – works
Lead synth – works

Membrane switches work
Aftertouch works
About 5 scratchy sliders and theres 4 repaired sliders with slightly longer shafts, these don’t have the caps (see pics)

Also comes with the original manual. It also has a hardshell case but it is heavy and the foam is gone, isn’t really worth anything but is there to protect the synth. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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