# ARP Quadra

ARP, Quadra @ 03 October 2012

“The ARP Quadra synthesizer has four sections ( Bass, Strings, Polysynth, and Lead). It is basically a combination Omni II, Solus, and Odyssey. It has partial patch memory, and the ability to play a mixture of the sections.

Everything works and it is excellent cosmetic condition, and shows only very light wear. There are several important refurbishing improvements.
1. Rebuilt Power Supply, including Caps and, power transistors.
2. All tantalum and electrolytic caps have been replaced with new audio grade electrolytic capacitors.
3. Keyboard buss bars cleaned.
4. All sliders, cleaned and lubricated, so are smooth and noise free.
5. The synth is tuned and calibrated, per factory specs.

The custom stand is included with the buy-it-now price. It will ship in custom flight case. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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