# ARP Quadra

ARP, Quadra @ 03 October 2012

“ARP Quadra
Fully Restored and 100% Functional

For sale is a vintage ARP Quadra synthesizer. These are rare synthesizers, and even more rare, are ones that work. The Quadra is loaded with sensitive logic circuits, CMOS parts, and tantalum capacitors that number in the hundreds. We have spent countless hours restoring this synthesizer to like new condition. Most boards in this synthesizers have had all chips, capacitors, and resistor arrays replaced. A custom 5 octave touch sensor was installed to give aftertouch capability over the entire range of the keyboard. We have also added mahogany sides to the case of the Quadra. This unit also includes a flight case with wheels. We often see people selling vintage synthesizers on Ebay at high prices while claiming that the item is “mint” or has been “gone through” by a tech because a problem was fixed on it five years ago. As these instruments age, and CMOS chips and capacitors start to fail in numbers, even an instrument that looks pristine is likely to need an overhaul. Quadras are very difficult synthesizers to restore and that process is likely to cost thousands. We have done the work to make this ARP a rare studio piece. It would be difficult to find a Quadra in better condition than this one.
All electrolytic capacitors replaced
All sliders cleaned and any bad ones replaced.
New custom mahogany end pieces.
All CMOS logic chips replaced
80% of analog IC chips replaced
New D/A converter
New RAM chip.
Brand new custom NEA touch sensor that spans entire 5 octave keyboard.
All J-wires and bus bars polished, All key bushings replaced./li>
4075 filters modified (late 70’s engineering revision to increase frequency response of filter.)
ATA flight case included.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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