# ARP Quadra

ARP, Quadra @ 08 November 2011

“ARP Quadra

Mostly working. Needs some TLC.

All Membrane Switches work.

Phase Shifter works.

Lead section all works except Trill. The Trill slider still works to control the Sequencer (Arpeggiator) speed.

Poly section works.

String section works but, only when sent through the Phase Shifter which I think this is normal.

Bass & Bass Strings work but, need calibration. They are way out of tune and don’t scale right.

Seven Slider Shafts are broken. The previous owner rigged the broken ones with some type of wire and stuck the slider caps back on a couple of them. The others just have a wire sticking out to grab onto. One is broken off flush but, I can still move it with my fingernail. Missing some slider caps.
Sliders could use a cleaning and lube.

Keys all work but, need to be aligned and need new bushings. Low C has a crack.

Aftertouch doesn’t work.

Cosmetically very good shape. Looks almost mint! No dings or dents. Only a few small scratches around the edges…not on the face. There was an issue with some areas of fading on the black paint but, I put the slightest coat of oil on the faded areas and it brought back the shine.
Leather side panels are very nice.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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