“The ARP Pro Soloist/ProDGX was used by artists such as Genesis, Tangerine Dream and Kansas as well as many other artists, including Diane Bish (believe it or not)! If you’ve looked this item up, you already know what you’re buying. I can’t say enough about this synthesizer! The digitally controlled analogue sound is sooooo ARP! Adjusting and tweaking the filter and modulation settings, this unit could be the only solo synth that you would need! Add a little reverb, delay, etc. and you’re really in business! You’ll notice right away, the fat analogue sound, such as the “Tuba” preset for instance. As with any of the presets, you can modulate the filter (“Brilliance”) slider along with up to six after-touch EFX, and you will quickly know that you have a powerful synthesizer at your fingertips! Adjusting the octave switch, gives you a 5 octave range! Please check the photos closely, it’s beautiful! This synth has been stored in an air-conditioned studio for more than 40 years now, still works great and stays in tune, spot-on! I really don’t want to let this gorgeous synthesizer go, but now it’s your turn to enjoy!!!” Click here to visit listing on eBay