“Up for sale is an ARP PRO/DGX. Has been sitting in my studio unused for at least 12 years. Cosmetically it is in OK shape with visible dings and scratches but nothing big. The portamento slider is missing the end cap. Everything on it works, but it needs servicing. All the keys work, but some are finicky and needed several hits to wake back up. The keyboard feels really good with only one G# being overly clicky. All presets work. The Clarinet button took several presses to wake back up, but was mostly consistent afterward. The sliders, touch sensor effects, and portamento switch work. Volume and Brilliance are a little sputtery, but the instrument does produce a clean sound after wiggling them. Pressing down a key to engage the touch sensor effects works but is quite sputtery and inconsistent and is the part of the instrument most in need of service.” Click here to search for synths on eBay