ARP Omni 2

“Good condition, some scratches and damage to the paint, see photos. The original ratty leather side panels have been replaced with new walnut hardwood panels. See photos for condition–more photos on our website.

Sliders refurbished – It’s rare that Synthchaser will agree to restore the original sliders in these synthesizers, but when he does, he does it right! The sliders have been desoldered, disassembled, ultrasonically cleaned, lubricated, reassembled, tested and reinstalled. All original slider caps are present!
Power supply rebuilt – All tantalum and electrolytic capacitors in the power supply have been replaced, and high quality, high temperature 105 deg C capacitors have been used for the power supply filter capacitors.
All tantalum capacitors replaced – The tantalum capacitors in ARP synths are ticking time bombs. All of the over 100 tantalum capacitors in this synth, including the power supply and filter submodule, have been replaced with electrolytics to help provide stable operation for years to come.
Synthchaser 4075 Filter Enhancement Kit Installed – The ARP Omni uses the same 4075 filter submodule found in the Odyssey, Quadra, Avatar, and Pro DGX. This has been recapped, and enhanced to provide superior frequency response.
Keyboard rebuild – New key bushings installed, buss bar & key contacts cleaned and adjusted, keybed leveled, keys ultrasonically cleaned
Synthchaser Master Oscillator module – the failure prone archaic master oscillator circuitry of the Omni has been removed and replaced with this stable and precise master oscillator which will keep the keyboard in tune.
Oscilloscope calibration – Fully calibrated to factory spec using oscilloscope and frequency counter.” Click here to visit listing on eBay