ARP Odyssey

“Odyssey 2800 Mk1
White front
4023 filter
Rotary pitch bend knob
Serial no.281348

Original Mk I ARP odyssey, with the unique sounding type 4023 filter. It has spent most of it’s life in a recording studio and has been regularly maintained and serviced – Power supply recapped and rebuilt, and the keyboard serviced with new bushes.
Modified in the 1980’s by Kenton Electronics – minijack sockets at rear for cv, gate and trigger, inputs and outputs, works really well with a midi-cv converter.
It has always been very reliable with no issues and very stable tuning.
Plays really well, both with the internal keyboard and via midi, and sounds fantastic!

Cosmetically it is very good considering it’s age, there is one bad scratch just in the paint at the front (see photos) , this could probably be touched up and made almost invisible, only the paint is scratched, otherwise there are no serious marks or dents etc. the black printing on the panel is crisp and unworn as is the white panel, aprt from the one scratch it is in excellent shape overall.” Click here to visit listing on eBay