# ARP Odyssey

ARP, Odyssey @ 10 January 2018

“RAREST of the RARE: ARP Odyssey Mk I (Late Model 2800-1974-5). This is a two-oscillator analog synthesizer, and one of the first with duophonic capabilities (the ability to play two notes at the same time). This allows you to get that wonderful “guitar-like” distortion when used with Distortion/Flange effects.that bands like Ultravox used to good measure as a lead synth.
I used this in my home studio back in the day before it went into temp-controlled storage. NEVER USED ON THE ROAD/GIGGING. Smoke-Free environment always. Hence the museum quality condition. Please look at the pictures-Even the slider caps are all original!

I just had a full, cost-no-object service completed by one of the top analog synth techs in the USA (see some of the sample parts replaced in last pic): Trim Pot, Filter Caps, Sliders, etc. – Including a full set of Key Guides – so plays AS-NEW! NOTE: This is not a Mark II, even though it is Black, not White. Late models were done like this, hence there is no CV/Gate on back panel. Like I said, Super Rare. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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