# ARP Odyssey

ARP, Odyssey @ 24 April 2019

“I’m selling my original US made full size vintage ARP Odyssey. It’s flightcased and in excellent working and cosmetic condition having been regularly serviced over the years. It was toured professionally throughout its past and has been recently kept in a studio.

The synth has a couple of extra features commissioned by the original owner.

Firstly the pitch wheel is sprung so it jumps back to its central position making using it in performance much easier. There is also an extra control to adjust the amount of the pitch change. There is a knob which adjusts a delay on modulation so that you can adjust the attack on the modulation used. This can be turned on and off with the extra switch. Otherwise the synth is a typical black and gold faced early Odyssey. All keys work and the oscillators and tuning are extremely stable. There is plenty online about this version of the synth. The manual is a modern reproduction but included. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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