# ARP Explorer

ARP, Explorer @ 27 July 2011

“The most organic sounding,mono-synth I’ve ever played. Syncs accousticaly with guitar /drums/bass in a band setting moreso than most mono analogues of comparable build.Extremely fat Bass lines and ethereal stringlike repeat phrases are possible with this rare synth.What was meant to accompany the Arp Solina organ/string synth, at the time, is just that – a formidable companion; sound quality-wise and functionally.Of course it has the same styling ,as well.

This unit has faded text printing(old gold), and has been re-applied in some areas, and since faded – refer tp photos for a closer look.Since it is extremely easy to use, doesn’t take long to figure out what toggle or knob does what.I am including the patch sheets regardless, so it should be crystal clear,then.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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