# ARP Explorer

ARP, Explorer @ 25 August 2010

“You are looking at a very rare ARP synthesiser in nearly perfect condition.

This was made somewhere between 1974-78 so it’s at least 32 years old and for it’s age it is in remarkable condition really! There is one small chip on the wood of the left-hand side end cheek as you can see from the pictures. Other than that all knobs and sliders function with a small bit of crackle on the frequency. I think a bit of a clean with some switch cleaner should sort it out but I thought I’d better mention.

It sounds great, very organic and ‘real’ like analogue synths of this era do. It comes with all the music stand, original sound cards, also in great condition, the manual and service manual. This synth is perfect for a collector really.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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