# ARP Explorer

ARP, Explorer @ 30 June 2010

“I have an Arp Explorer 1 Synthesizer. Also known as the ARP 2900.
I’ve owned it for about 5 years and it’s always been good to me.
The sound is real 70’s. Herbie Hancock used this on Headhunters.
From what i’ve heard, it has one oscillator from the Arp 2600, and the filter is the Moog lawsuit type.
Nice and fat, warm sound, and quite a diverse range for such a simple synth.
The oscillators can be stacked and waveshaped with the toggles to get a thicker bass.
It has filter/pitch lfo, portamento, adsr assignable to the filter and amp, cutoff/resonance.
The back panel has only two jacks, one for 1/4″ audio out, and one for a standard 3 prong ac cable.
It has all the things you would want in a basic synth. very usable. stays in tune.
Great lead synth, very musical sounding and always sits nicely in a mix.
I personally love how all the performance controls are under your left hand,
which makes it easy to tweak parameters while jamming along.

I’ve heard these are very rare. The serial number is like 135 or something, a low number.

Condition wise, the thing is definitely used, but not so abused.
All the slider caps are missing, but all the sliders work.
Some sliders seem a bit stiff and could use some lube i guess, but they work and don’t crackle.
There is one toggle (the saw wave) that has broken off, but it still can be switched with a pen or a key or something. it works.
One toggle (the noise osc) has been replaced with a generic switch, but it works.
All the keys work perfectly. Actually every function works.
The paint for the parameter function labels is quite worn and somebody in the past
has written them back on in gold pen, which has also faded.
The Arp Synthesizer logo on the back is still bright, as is the Arp Explorer 1 logo on the front.
The wood end caps were covered with a tolex sticker which i removed to reveal nice wood.

All in all, the thing is pretty badass. I was using it in an electro project and it looks great on stage and gives forth quite a loud dirty bass that rips through the speakers. It’s fun to play for sure.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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