# ARP Explorer

ARP, Explorer @ 26 November 2014

arpexplorer ” For sale is a great shape and fully working ARP Explorer I synthesizer, mfg in the mid-1970’s . The factory model number is 2900. The key-less version of this synth was called the little brother.
The explorer is a combination of subtractive synthesis in the filter and ADSR , but with the capability for additive synthesis in the waveform and pitch sections/any or all waves and pitches at once.
Keybed can use new bushings to make the key action smooth as new. The rightmost high ‘C’ note has a tiny chip on the left side of the key, shown in closeups, otherwise, Cosmetically, it’s excellent/mint. It works great and all the major parts are original, no mods have been done. I have replaced a few capacitors and resistors that were aged. The power cable was repaired/ patched by the previous owner (inside the instrument). The only thing missing is the (piano-style) sheet music stand. I have thoroughly cleaned the sliders, j-wires and the inside chassis several times during ownership. The new owner will need to keep the instrument covered and clean to maintain proper working order. Any questions about the item please let me know! ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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