# ARP Axxe Project Machine

ARP, Axxe @ 12 June 2019

” I’m not going to even try to “sugarcoat” this vintage Arp Axxe monolithic Synthesizer. It LOOK’s terrible! Some of the control sliders finger tabs are broken off, but can still be moved with your fingernail, (not convenient but it works). It looks as if the previous owner cleaned the unit every day, all the panel flow diagrams are almost worn off and hard to read. The keyboard is in good condition – cosmetically and the does work, but all the contacts need cleaning and do clean up.

I have dabbled with keyboards and synthesizers for many years, as an technician, not a musician.This Arp AXXE does have a heartbeat! I plugged it in this morning and found that many of the functions work as they should! The oscillators, VCO & LFO’s work, Noise Gen. works, VCA works, Mixer works, Envelope Generator (ASDR) work. As I mentioned above many of the electrical contacts need cleaning in order to eliminate some of the “dead or scratchy spots”. Alcohol and Q-tips seem to work well. The circuit board seems to be original – no modifications and it appears that it has never been removed. This vintage synthesizer IS NOT DOA and with some TLC it should function ALMOST as it did when it was new.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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