# ARP 8 Mixer

ARP, Mixer @ 12 May 2010

“I do not know alot about mixers but I will try to describe this mixing board the best I can. Please ask if you have any questions as I will be happy to help.

It is an estate find.

Size is approx. 22″ L x 21″ W x 6″ H

From research I found out it is a vintage ARP INSTRUMENTS 8 Channel analog mixing Board MODEL 1733 from the 1970’s.

This mixing board looks to be in very good, used but unabused condition with only minor cosmetic issues and 6 missing knobs(easy fix).

It is clean but does have a few minor light scratches or rubs from being moved around(nothing major).

Also there is a small chip out of the right plastic cord storage bracket on the rear(small)(stated for clarity)(see pic 6).

Operation wise the meter lights come on when I plug it in and all slides and knobs seem to function well but I have no way of testing this mixer so it is being sold as-is untested(no returns)(stated for clarity). ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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