ARP 3604P Keyboard for ARP 2600 Synthesizer

“This is the single voice keyboard manufactured originally for v.1 and v.2 series Arp 2600 synthesizers. Unlike old keyboards which are found in attics or forgotten in a basement, this has been an active keyboard in a smoke free studio. The keyboard action has been cleaned and a brand new set of bushings installed last year so it has no clacking or stickie keys. It plays very smooth. All electronic controls function 100%. None of the Tolex covering is ripped, but on the top of the case there are some scratches. It is cosmetically clean but the top of the case is missing the latches and one of the latching hooks as shown in the pictures. I do not wish to do any latch upgrades to the case and would rather that be determined by the new owner. Ships with a 6 pin connecting cable original to the Arp 2600. It will be wrapped and shipped carefully. ”
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