ARP 2600 with ARP 3620 Keyboard

“The mighty Arp 2600 is up for auction.

I have owned this incredible synthesizer for 24 years and it has never left my smoke free

climate controlled studio except for tuning and upgrades.

It was fully tuned and calibrated in March 2021.

This is an Arp 2600 in great condition.

Not only is the exterior and Tolex in great condition, the electronics are also in great condition,

and all features work. Every key on the keyboard plays without glitches or drifting.

Every slider, pot and jack work. All hardware on the cases and the Tolex covering are original.

A matching 3620 keyboard is also in great shape and plays perfectly.

The original lids for the 2600 and 3620 are included.” Click here to visit listing on eBay