# ARP 2600 with ARP 3620 Keyboard

2600, 3620, ARP @ 18 October 2017

“ARP 2600 – Excellent Condition – Perfect Working Order.

I’m selling my ARP 2600 as unfortunately I’m simply not using it often enough to warrant keeping it.

It was completely refurbished and upgraded by Phil Cirocco in 2013 and has been sitting in my air conditioned studio since then.
The work carried out at that time is as follows:

Power supply – Replacement/upgrade
All sliders – Chemical bath and lube
Reverb Tank – Replacement/upgrade with 17″ tank
Reverb cable microphonic – Replacement
1/8″ Jacks – All replaced
VCO Sliders – All replaced
Panel/Internal Boards – All cleaned
APU – Replaced
VCA – Upgraded
Filter – Upgraded to 4012CX ARP ladder filter
Keyboard Contacts – Cleaned and burnished

Total cost of that work at the time was $2,253.

Since then I have replaced the latch hardware where necessary and prior to this listing I completed a total system test and everything is in perfect working order!

I am happy to hand deliver this synth in Northern California, and for shipping outside please be assured that the 2600 will be professionally packed, shipped, and insured.

Due to the weight/fragility of this item I cannot ship outside of the U.S.”
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