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ARP 2600 with ARP 3620 Keyboard

” Classic vintage Arp 2600 analog semi-modular synthesizer with model 3620 keyboard in absolute museum quality condition. This synth was in climate controlled storage, and unused for over 25 years of its life. It has just had a complete refurbishing and had it’s op amps upgraded by RetroLinear, and is absolutely 100% guaranteed to be in perfect operational condition. As you can see from the pictures, this synth is in immaculate cosmetic condition, with only the most minor of rub marks on the case. It’s never been on tour, or used for any live performance. It even smells new! You won’t find a cleaner or more perfectly functioning 2600 anywhere.

This is a model 2601 v1.0. Serial number 143. This version originally had op amps that didn’t sound as good as earlier versions of the 2600, but they weren’t as prone to mechanical problems. These have been replaced with upgraded op amps that combine reliability with the superior sound of the first models of the 2600. A complete listing of the recently completed overhaul is detailed below.

Remove key bed. Clean chassis, remove key bushings and replace with new. Correct geometry. Pull buss bars and springs. Clean keys and install 18 new standoffs. All tantalum caps replaced. All trim pots and sliders replaced. All flux removed and all the boards cleaned. All front panel jacks replaced. New wires installed where needed – most wires from harness saved. Noise generator power mod installed on board 5-1. Reverb gain mod installed on board 4-2. VCF mixer ac coupled mod installed on board 3. Ceramic capacitors audio mod installed on board 4-2. New power supply and sense lines installed. Audio path upgrade mod – replace all OP amps throughout. Calibrated and ground modified for reduced noise. ”
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