ARP 2600 with ARP 3620 Keyboard

This is ARP 2600 and ARP 3620 duophonic keyboard is now ready for another 40+ years of spectacular sound and music creation.
It is in stunning operational and visual condition. Comes with all the unique original ARP accessories: price lists, demo records, leaflets, user manuals, portamendo pedals etc as seen in the pictures #2 and onward.

The ARP 2600 is one of the most legendary analog synths every made.
Everything from crazy sound effects, Earthquake style base lines, beautiful leads and potent kick drums, the 2600 can do it all.

Highlights future proofing:

* All new high-end capacitor power supply upgrade

* New powerful mains transformer to ensure pitch stability

* Multi turn high end trimmers on power supply upgrade

* All circuit board tantalum’s replaced (critical) with high end capacitors

* All pitch CV trimmers replaced (OEM) in the complete pitch CV chain including
in the 3620 duophonic keyboard (to ensure extreme tuning stability)

* Factory specification calibration (or better)

* New Cinch Jones receptacle (for keyboard connector)

* All keyboard bushings replaced

Complete service documentation available on request.” Click here to search for synths on eBay