ARP 2600 with ARP 3620 Keyboard

” Rare Arp 2601 Synthesizer. It’s time for it to be used to create music again! For many years, it was stored in a spare bedroom closet, and for years, I was going to have it restored and brought up to spec, but alas…, I ran out of time and interest… I did plug it in and turn it on… and all three oscillators generated tone, and they seemed fairly steady (no severe audible drift when tuned to A440 while on). However, I did not go through and test all of the functions and/or all the other modules.
You can see that there were some professional modifications added/done on this one (see pics). It may have been done by Phil Ciricco, the synth wizard at CMS. The quality workmanship of the switches/pots installed is evident, although I can’t say for certain:
3620 KYBD- 2 switches added on right side of controls. Function? Not sure.
VCF Potentiometer- Perhaps variable KYBD voltage control? Not sure.
ADSR- A switch installed and Sustain and Release output jacks? Not sure.
The buyer of this unit will need to invest some time and money in testing, calibration, and possibly some repairs, however the Arp 2601’s are rare and well worth the investment. All the switches, knobs are complete and the tolex has no major tears or holes. Some of the slide potentiometers are a little sticky- none are frozen, but they will need to be professionally cleaned and lubed. This unit looks excellent for being almost 40 years old- as if it lived in a recording studio most of it’s life! What you see in the pictures is what you’ll get. It is being sold as with no warranties whatsoever. I will securely pack the unit in two boxes (main unit and keyboard) and insure it for shipment to the lower 48 States of the USA only. Thank you and best wishes creating music!” Click here to search for synths on eBay