ARP 2600 with ARP 3604P Keyboard

“I have an ARP 2600 & 3604-P keyboard owned and used By Jack Bruce of the band Cream.

I’m selling as my control room is rather small and I need the finance to put towards some other gear.

Both are in their original boxes and have ‘The Jack Bruce Band’ stenciled on the outside. I have had it refurbished so it is back in fully working order apart from one of the internal speakers isn’t working, I decided to leave it original instead of opening her up and replacing it. I have a certificate of authenticity from Jack’s family to prove it’s provenance. There is no handle on the case of the 2600. I have given the Tolex case a good scrub and it has cleaned up nicely.

Work Carried out by Synth Restore in Bedford by Adrian.

Oscillator1 and 2 were replaced.

Replaced some broken sliders and replaced some that were showing signs of age.

All sliders were cleaned and lubricated.

Replaced many of the slider tops, as almost half were missing.

Serviced the keyboard, and cleaned the key contacts.

Calibrated the oscillators, and filter.

Power supply had the power transistors replaced.” Click here to search for synths on eBay