ARP 2600 with ARP 3604P Keyboard

“Original Vintage ARP 2600. This is an early Tonus logo 2600, which is prized for a better audio path than later ARP 2600s. Includes the matching 3604P keyboard controller, keyboard cable, power cord, and both lids. Both the synthesizer and keyboard controller have just been serviced by Synthchaser. Work done included:

Power supply recapped, new thermal pads on power supply transistors
Sliders cleaned
All tantalum capacitors replaced (except those in submodules)
Ring Modulator and Sample & Hold submodules replaced with new Synthchaser modules
Both connectors for the keyboard controller and 6 other internal connectors have been replaced for reliable operation
Nuts, washers, knobs and slider caps ultrasonically cleaned
Full calibration under oscilloscope

3604P Keyboard refurbished

New key bushings
Key contacts and bus bars cleaned
Keycaps ultrasonically cleaned
Bellcrank caps cleaned and relubricated
Tantalum capacitors in keyboard electronics recapped

The synthesizer is in good condition. There is a scratch on the panel below the pre-amplifier. The manual gate button contacts are dirty or worn and sometimes it does not trigger. Parts of the tolex case are shinier and it looks like something was on top of it that had been removed. This is most noticeable on the keyboard controller and the lid of the synthesizer, not really on parts you would notice when set up in your studio. See pictures for details.” Click here to visit listing on eBay