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ARP 2600 with ARP 3604-P Keyboard

“I purchased this 23 years ago as an investment.When I received it was fully functional and I was able to nail a bass patch that sounded every bit as powerful as any Moog I’ve ever heard.After a year it stopped functioning and I Opened it up and noticed the filter was potted with epoxy to safeguard anyone copying the circuit but also prevents service.I packed it back up and it has been in storage until now.I was considering sending it to discrete synthesizers (CMS) for service but there are quite a few options that would improve upon the existing instrument but I should leave that up to the end user how it should be hot-rodded.This synthesizer will always be worth more than the current Korg or Behringer knock offs because this ARP is 48 years old and is a collector item.I am selling this synth as is, untested but it does turn on and I was able to get a droning sound pitch tracked using the keyboard.” Click here to search for synths on eBay