ARP 2600 with ARP 3604-P

“Very good condition, with some wear as expected for its age but overall still nice shape. Most of the wear is on the outside tolex, the front panel face and keyboard itself are in great shape. Includes both lids to unit and keyboard along with keyboard connecting cable. Recently fully serviced by professional tech. We’ve had many 2600s pass through our shop over the years and we found this particular unit to sound fantastic. It’s 100% fully functional, except for 2 small issues worth mentioning: one slider shaft has a broken tip (in Voltage Processor section, probably the least used part of the synth and you still have 2 other working Voltage Processors), and the keyboard input jack to VCO3 is hardwired to receive voltage from the keyboard (jack will not bypass the keyboard input). Other than these two issues the unit is working as it should. At some point this was modified to accept standard 3-prong cable instead of the unusual oval shaped cable they original came with. ”
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