# ARP 2600 with ARP 3604 Keyboard

2600, 3604, ARP @ 29 March 2017

26003604 “FOR AUCTION: an original 1971 Tonus logo ARP 2600 semi modular analog synthesizer (model 2600P V1.0 according to discretesynthesizers.com, this is a pre-26xxx serial), complete with its original model 3604-P keyboard. I’ve owned and maintained this synthesizer for about 7 years, purchased locally from its original owner who had it in the back of his closet for years.

Condition: physically and electronically, this is among the nicest ARP synthesizers you’ll find from this era- even the Tolex on the synthesizer is in great shape (only the removable lids have notable peeling and I probably wouldn’t want to rely on them for heavy transport). Electronically, I initially had it restored by Greg Montalbano in Oakland (analogsynthservice.com) who, in addition to general restorative cleaning, also recapped the power supply, replaced the epoxy’d filter with the lower noise CMS 4012 and replaced the internal speakers with new ones purchased from the late Kevin Lightner. It has subsequently been maintained by Chris Hewitt / thisoldsynth.com who I had replace the epoxy’d VCO 2 submodule with a new CMS 4017; you can see his blog for the repair here: http://thisoldsynth.com/blog/2012/03/05/arp-2600-with-bad-vco/ . Both of the original ARP submodules that I’ve replaced will be included.

What’s included: Arp 2600 with keyboard and lids, original power cord, and cable that connects the keyboard to the synthesizer. Two Switchcraft Tiniplugs for shorting internal connections and a few gray patch cables to get you started patching the synthesizer.

What to expect: the synthesizer is in great condition but ultimately behaves like any synthesizer from the 1971– this is not a 2017 Moog Voyager, this will need time to warm up for the oscillators’ frequency to stabilize and the signal path is a little dirtier. The cable that connects the keyboard to the synthesizer is a little sensitive– it could be cleaned or replaced although you’re not going to notice this other than when you plug the two together. You will overdrive/distort the signal mixer if you run multiple VCOs/sound sources into it at too high of a collective volume– this is normal and I believe the CMS 4017 oscillator (VCO 2) outputs a hotter signal in general; you can back down the VCO levels to keep your tone clean or you can overdrive it by choice as with any mixer. The spring reverb is not isolated from the cabinet well at all– it is *very* sensitive to movement; both techs I’ve had work on the ARP have offered to isolate it but I absolutely love it the way it is, it is a gorgeous, messy reverb. I think the 2600 makes a great general spring unit, you can run a guitar or other signal right into the preamp. Ultimately, it’s in great shape but make sure you have a tech who can work on it should anything ever go wrong. It’s a heavy synthesizer and shipping will always be a real expense if you don’t have a local tech. Also– you can ignore the “Arpeggiator / Sequencer” part of eBay’s pre-populated product description, that’s inaccurate.”
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