ARP 2600 with 3620 Keyboard

26003620” This ARP 2600 is in perfect working condition and was lovingly restored last month by the world famous The Analog Lab here in New York City. Over $2000 was spent to do the job thoroughly and correctly.

You may find one in better cosmetic condition, but not one that functions better than this unit.

They did the following:

Unit disassembled All broken sliders repaired (10)
All tantalum decoupling caps replaced on panel
PCBs All controls cleaned
Bad solder joints repaired
Momentary switch repaired
Voltage processor repaired
Replaced blown LM301 left output
Keyboard LFO repaired
Keyboard connector replaced
Keyboard CV out repaired
Controls cleaned
Connectors cleaned and resecured
Key contaccts cleaned and regulated
Grounds tightened
Housing resecured
Full calibration
Full function check – OK
New 4021 VCO module from CMS ordered and fitted plus V/Oct trimmer” Click here to visit listing on eBay