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ARP 2600 Project Machine

“For yourconsideration is an ARP 2600P (Version 4.0) analog Synthesizer (nokeyboard) for restoration. Judging by the writing on the inside ofthe cabinet near the spring reverb unit are the markings 4P. I haveevery reason to believe that this is the original cabinet which datesthe manufacturing year to be 1974. During this time ARP was using the4012 Low Pass Ladder Filter which was essentially a copy of the Moogdesign. This led to a patent dispute forcing ARP to change their LPFdesign for use in later models. Back in the early 1980’s I designedand built my own analog synths and had an absolute blast using them.Then interests shifted and I moved on to other hobbies. Several yearsago I got the “bug” to get back into analog synths and I acquiredthis 2600 with the intention of restoring it to it’s full beautyafter I retired. During that time I found and builta beautiful modular synth I know now I’ll never part with. I’ve beenretired almost 2 ½ years and now that I have my “dream”modular synth I have no motivation to restore the 2600. I would loveto see this instrument go to someone who will bring this classic backto it’s full potential. I never powered up the synthesizer since Ihad it so I don’t know it’s current electrical condition. With thatbeing said the synth should be restored by someone who is experiencedin this type of vintage equipment. The wood cabinet is in good shapebut the tolex covering will need patching or replaced. The frontpanel is also in great shape however please look very closely at thephotos. There are some sliders missing the caps and also some of the stems are broken off flush with the panel. The slider controls willhave to cleaned and possibly replaced. All of the circuit boards,wiring harnesses and the spring reverb assembly are intact. There’sno carrying handle and I have some of the hardware removed to takephotos of the inside of the cabinet which will go back in place. ”
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