# ARP 2600

2600, ARP @ 29 March 2017

arp_2600 “This appears to be a 2603 REV G model 2600, and it sounds amazing.

The face plate is in very good condition, especially for it’s age.

When I purchased this in 2009, the previous owner stated that:

– This model has the much sought after Moog ladder filter.

– This unit was serviced by Greg Montalbano of Analog Synth Service prior to the sale (in 2009).

– These upgrades were installed:

1. An audio path op amp upgrade.

2. New power supply.

3. Installed standard three prong jack so that and standard electronic power cord could be used.

4. A cv/gate input mod was installed on the side, so you can patch a single source of each

through all 3 VCOs without using up the mults, or having to patch into the front.

This has been very useful.

Known issues:

VCO 2 doesn’t work.

VCO 3 pulse output doesn’t work.

These are both recent, but are an easy and inexpensive replacement.

Parts are easily available online.

The decay slider on the ADSR envelope works, but should be addressed.

The bottom for the wooden case, under one of the rubber feet, is starting to dry out.

The tolex is worn, and has been coated with something (prior to my having this) as a temporary fix.

The handle has been removed and there is no cover.

This unit needs a bit of attention, but this is a great opportunity to get a highly sought after synth for a good price. It will be well worth the effort to restore.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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