# ARP 2600

2600, ARP @ 15 March 2017

arp3600 “We have other 2600s for sale right now – please dont mistaken this for one of the others.

ARP 2600 sn2601020x For Sale. This late model 2601 came to us in working order, but, as perfectionists, we wanted it to work like new or better for its next owner and hopefully continue to work well long into the future, so we fully disassembled it, cleaned it inside and out, thoroughly serviced it, rebuilt it and recalibrated it – a costly process taking approximately 19 hours of skilled vintage synth repair tech time. Now that its restoration is complete, it’s a pleasure to play and should make its next owner extremely happy. Unlike earlier models, all circuits inside this model are unencapsulated, with the exception of the ARP 4012 Moog filter. This means this unit will be much easier to service in the future, if need be. This sale includes a power cord. This unit isnt being sold with a keyboard, so be prepared to run it using a MIDI to CV converter, as most people do these days. This unit is in significantly better cosmetic shape than the other we currently have listed on ebay and is therefore priced higher. It’s absolutely gorgeous. Ebay only lets us post 12 photos. More can be found on our website.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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