# Analogue Systems

Analogue Systems @ 27 March 2012

“Here is my analogue systems modular synth.
located in France.

It’s in perfect condition and still under warranty (TBS shop), never left my studio.

included in this auction :

RS 15 case
RS 10 case
RS 70 inverter/preamp
3x RS 95E oscillator
RS 20 ring modulator/multiple
RS 165 Signal mixer
RS 510E EMS SYNTHI trapezoid generator
RS 220 X-Y controller
RS 230 CV buffer
RS 380 modulation controller
RS 160 CV mixer
RS 500E EMS SYNTHI filter
RS 310 Reverb/chorus
RS 180 VCA
RS 440 analog delay
RS 140 midi to cv converter
doepfer a199 reverb

sequencer :

RS 10 case
RS 200 sequencer
RS 280 divider
RS 150 seq/switch

+ some patch cables

I can include the fly-case but if I’ll have to ship it It will be extremely heavy (so really expensive too…)” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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