Alesis HR-16

alesis-hr-16 ” Alesis HR-16 drum machine. I replaced the sound EPROMs with Linn Drum samples. They sound great! I also replaced the LCD screen with a blue screen w/ white text – it looks fantastic. It comes with the original EPROMs and the original LCD screen (although the original LCD screen is quite hard to read the text…but still functional).

With the new EPROMs, I have also installed a new/updated Operating System – this makes the display read Alesis HR-16B, but it is in fact just the HR-16 model. However, it is an updated Operating System (old one also included!)

It is in need of a couple screws to cinch down the PCB. Some of the buttons require an extra bit of pressure because of this, but all buttons and pads are functional. My local ACE hardware didn’t have replacement screws that small, or else I would have included them!

It does not include the power supply. I will ship it with the new LCD screen & Linn drum EPROMs installed, and I will include the original LCD and EPROMs. Also included are instructions to install/replace the EPROMs – which is quite easy for even the most novice musician / DIY-er / etc.” Click here to visit listing on eBay