# Alesis Andromeda A6

Alesis @ 20 June 2017

“This particular unit is in wonderful, almost mint condition. It has been kept inside my own smoke-free studio for the last 7 years and prior to that, it was kept by a collector. The VCO’s and VCF’s tune perfectly using the auto-tune function. There is very little evidence that this keyboard has been used apart from the inevitable minuscule marks, barely visible and only upon very close inspection. I have been unable to locate any form of scratching, dents or stains on both the front LCD panel and the front fascia panel. The black plastic casing is also in wonderful condition. The LCD screen is bright and has no scratches. All knobs, switches, buttons and the ribbon controller work perfectly. The keyboard is my only concern in that it shows signs of yellowing, although it is uniform across all of the keys. In fact, it is now possible to see that the previous owner, from some 7 years ago, had little 5mm diameter stickers on some of the keys as there is some contrast between the 2 shades. I’ve tried to depict this as best I can in the photograph. Overall however, this Andromeda A6 is in beautiful clean shape. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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